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LifePak Supplements
LifePak Nano
LifePak® Nano is a nutritional anti-aging program formulated to nourish and protect cells, tissues, and organs in the body with the specific purpose to guard against the ravages of aging. LifePak® Nano offers the highest bioavailability with a first-ever nanotechnology process and advanced levels of key anti-aging nutrients in a comprehensive formula available exclusively through Pharmanex.*
LifePak Prenatal

LifePak Prenatal is optimal dietary supplementation designed to help meet the basic and specific nutrient requirements for pregnant and lactating women. Available in individual packets for your convenience, LifePak Prenatal supplies pregnant and lactating women with important dietary ingredients to assist in maintaining general wellness.

LifePak Kosher

LifePak® (Kosher) is Kosher-certified by B.D.Z. Mehadrin, a well respected kosher authorizing organization based in Israel, while still providing the finest nutrients and exceptional nutritional support of the original LifePak® anti-aging formula.

Jungamals SCS
  • More than just a vitamin and mineral supplement, Jungamals SCS contains beneficial antioxidants — resveratrol and four powerful carotenoids.
  • Is SCS Certified.
  • No artificial colors or preservatives.
  • Tastes great!
LifePak Teen

Although teenagers need to eat nutritionally balanced meals with lots of fruits, vegetables, and calcium-rich foods, most do not. That's why you'll want to make sure your teenager takes LifePak Teen, a multi-nutrient supplement formulated to help meet the specific nutritional needs of growing teens.